Ramesh Sangha

Former Member of Parliament

Mr. Sangha

Personal Profile

Rameshwer Sangha has lived in Canada since 1994. Mr. Sangha was a proud member of the Indian Air Force and worked as an aero-engine engineer before leaving his homeland India. He upgraded his law degree at the University of Windsor to pursue a career in law. He then embarked on a remarkable journey of service, performance, and accomplishments, which included running a successful law firm and serving as a Member of Parliament for his beloved Canada.

He became a member of the Punjab and Haryana Bar Council and the Indian Bar Council in 1981. He practiced law until 2015, when he decided to enter politics. He has mentored aspiring law students and paralegals. As a firm believer in giving back to his communities, he offered immigration and legal advice to newcomers. Mr. Sangha is passionate about environmental, philanthropic, and social causes. He is deeply committed to the global abolition of poverty, which reflects his values of hard work, discipline, and ambition.

Law Practice

Mr. Sangha worked as a civil litigator and specialized in personal injury law as a lawyer. In 1981, he established the now-famous Ramesh Sangha. He has upheld the highest standards in his personal and professional endeavors as the principal and founder of his law firm.

Ramesh Sangha serves clients outside of Brampton, Ontario, where the office is located. We have scaled the GTA and its surrounding cities thanks to the exceptional knowledge, skill, and experience of our illustrious associates, and we are known for our integrity, trust, and dependability.

Among our clients are individuals with personal cases, as well as small businesses and large corporations.



Politics & Community Service

Driven by his wish to serve community via social and cultural initiatives, Mr. Sangha entered politics. In 2012, he was elected as Director of the Liberal Party for the Golden Horseshoe Region and his role as a highly active volunteer was officially recognized.

Going further, he ran for the Office of Member of Parliament for Brampton Centre. Brampton Centre is one of the most diverse ridings in Canada. He was elected to the House of Commons on October 19, 2015, which was his first term in the office.

He has become well-known in his riding for his passion for restoring dignity to seniors and advocating youth employment. His strong and consistent engagement with the community is largely fueled by his service as a former combatant of the Indian Air Force.

Mr. Sangha was the executive committee member of the CPA, the CANA, and the CACN. As the Director of the CPA, MP Sangha visited both India and Pakistan in a delegation. In addition, Mr. Sangha currently represents several parliamentary associations, including the CCOM, CANA, CACN, CAEU, CAJP, RUUK, and the SECO.

Key positions

Member of the JUST Committee

Former member of the HUMA Committee.

Convener of Council on Heritage and International Peace

Legal advisor to The India Air Force Veteran's Association.

Chairperson to the CPP Review Tribunal.

Chair of the Canada-India Parliamentary Friendship Group.